Togbe means King


I was hurt.
I was hurt before my flesh was formed in my mother’s womb.
And when I was formed,
I was overfed, with food that influenced my initial thoughts
But still malnourished because I couldn’t absorb the richness in my culture.
So instead of Ahenkan, I choose Prince.
Instead of Pognaa, I choose Princess.

They say time is money,
So I invest all my time running from myself to find the promise land filled with milk and honey,
And this road has led me to no path that is sunny.
They say we’re descendants of Kings and Queens,
If so, then why am I relegating my dark color for a lighter one in an institution taught by a darker me?
Am I doing so to illuminate the fantasies of my darker needs?
Why am I trading ten thousand languages for one so I can be called a literate being?
In search for these answers I wrote this story like it’s mine.
Only to end realizing the truth, that, I never acknowledge that Togbe means king.

By : Jay Kophy

Twitter Handle: @jay_kophy

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