Relationship Talk: 5 Major Keys That Can Make A Girl Skip A Heartbeat @AkwesiDhrakeGh “The Blog god” Writes

Love is patient, caring, kind and understanding. Even though love is a good feeling it has it’s dark side believe you me. Generally, most people unknowingly mistaken lust for love. Even though they might be related, they’re two different feelings. Don’t worry in my next article; i will clear the air on all issues regarding love and lust. Here are 5 “Major Keys” that can make a girl skip a heartbeat;

Be a figure of fun:
Everyone at a point in time eases off tension with some dosage of laughter. Most girls like hilarious guys because they’re always on their grind with new jokes and other hilarious ways of making them happy and also keeping that smile on their faces for a long time. It gives them something to talk about, something they could think about and still laugh passionately. So my guys get your heads down and learn more of this stuff if you want your relationship to be fun. Too much of everything is bad so don’t overdo it or use corny lines. Do it right and her heart will skip that beat!!!

Dress well and smell good:
Being in a modern world has thought us loads of things. It’s not creepy if most girls like guys who smell good and are really classy with their day to day lifestyle. Looking presentable gives you a +1 whenever you try approaching a girl. Looking good makes girls feel you’re responsible and can take care of them if they fall. I know not everyone can afford or relate to this kind of lifestyle but at least look presentable whenever you’re around her and she will admire you for that.

Pampering a girl is quite easier than making her happy at all cost. I believe true love is all about going that extra mile with your lover. Meaning giving her your maximum attention and getting her what she needs or pants for shouldn’t be a problem. This doesn’t mean spend everything on her or quit your job or whatever you do just to give that maximum attention. If you don’t really have, always find a way to make her see you’re serious about her. It’s not always about buying her things just show her good loving, poke fun at her and always say the right words to her. This could make her fall or cling to you faster than you think.

First Impression:
Making a lady feel bad is one thing but being rude and even going to that extreme point of insulting her is another ball game on it’s own. We normally watch movies whereby guy meets girl and mistakenly something goes wrong and both parties start bombarding each other with insults, few hours or days later they meet elsewhere and guy finds a way to get her attention after all that happened and they live happily ever after .My guy!! Don’t try those cheap pickup lines on Ghanaian girls LOL! she will meet you again elsewhere and act same. Few would just ignore the fact that you had an unfortunate past. To be on a safer side make things right the first time even when you’re not the one at fault. Women always win!! In harmony to all that have been said always try to be light-hearted even when you go off the deep end.

Hardworking guys :
90% of girls like “aben dada” which is expressed differently as “already made”, in other words guys who literally have a life already. A Few number of girls would prefer the “oneday oneday ego bee” vibe due to insecurities. People normally often call girls who like “aben dada” opportunists and not worth the hustle but I’ll refute that. It’s not a bad thing if a girl likes someone who has made it or it’s making it. We all have eyes for good things no offense though; this should even push you (guys) to the wall to make the right choices in life which means working really hard to get the GUAP (Money) to flex some muscles. Choose her don’t make her choose you!! The choice is yours, start working hard to get the woman of your dreams or sit down on butt and settle with any average girl you meet.

In accord with all points made in this article also take note not all girls are the same or have the same taste maybe what your girlfriend may like others may not. Don’t narrow yourself to just these points. Explore further, ask her what makes her happy and to your amusement she might open up to some stuffs that no one might ever think of. Love Right! And keep your relationship healthy. Thanks for reading this article hope it helps you see things their way.

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