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It’s getting old and you’re getting tired of me.

I talk too much.

I play too much.

I worry too much.


Calm down you keep saying.

You say; “Adjoa you gotta grow up ”

I just shrug but deep down I’m worried.

I wonder what you mean when you tell me to grow up.

I already thought I was all grown up.


People think I’m perfect, or I’m smart or I have everything figured out.

So then I don’t know what suffering is.

Or that I have it easy.

What they don’t know won’t kill them.


It will probably kill me.

Because I’m afraid of people knowing that I’m not so perfect and that in reality I’m worse off.

But do the opinions of people really matter?

The answer is no?



The answer is probably not no.

Everyone cares what someone thinks.

It’s human nature.

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