NAA A Poem By Nana Kojo Mula



This girl is too fine
Her eyes, lips and face
Can be likened unto an angel.

Her heart is so huge that she accommodates all
So lovely and sweet
She has it all; from looks to attitude

Her way of understanding love is so exceptional
Sometimes I wonder why any guy
Would let such a pearl go.

Whenever I speak to her
I feel this bundle of pain in my heart
In her presence I find peace and happiness

I would love to open up to her
And tell her how I feel
But the sadness her ex left on her
Keeps me at bay.

Deep down I know falling in love again would be difficult
After she gave him her all
Time, devotion, care and trust
She shared his pains and gave off her joy
Just to see him smile

But he didn’t appreciate her efforts
He was quick to jump into the pool when the heat came
It is for this reason I’ve kept my feelings hidden

As I stay up
I wish for a chance to show her true loving
I hope and pray her wounds heals
I hope and pray she quickly realizes how much she means to me

How I’m willing to use my love to wipe
All the scares he left
But until then
No Affection Allowed ( NAA )

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