Every time I look into your eyes.
And remember when I first met you.
Your eyes sparkled with so much love and passion.

But when I looked at myself.
And looked at your status.
I knew my passion for you was forbidden.
I always hoped and prayed,
That we would someday get close.

I spent my nights speaking to your images
Telling myself I’ll love you eternally.
Eventually I mastered courage.
Moved up to you and made my move

You did accept me
But as a friend.
In my heart I knew “bokor bokor” we will get there.

Then one night you came up to me,
Your Pretty face glowed so bright in the dark.
As you held my hand
And opened your adorable lips,
And careful and slowly poured out the words.
Then you laced it with a kiss.

god! Your lips
Lips so sweet than candy.
So tender and so soft
At that point i fully understood why love is said to be a powerful tool.
It is no respector of age, colour or class.

It felt impossible at the begining
But in the end love stood tall.

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