Yine-Win – Love in the air

love in the air

For the first time, the groove music band is featuring in an afrobeats track of one of their own

Yine-Win who happens to be the drummer of the band.

Love in the Air  which happens to be the title of the song was performed with an indigenous African musical instrument known as Kolko. The groove music band with its record of dynamism played this song with a mixture of the indigenous Kolko music and hi-life.

The groove in this song is one u can’t stop listening to.

The groove music band is a band that was formed under Groove Music International ltd.

The band has been in existence since August 2013 and has performed coversmostly on

hi-life, afrobeats  and jazz.

The groove music band is known for their stylish improvisations on the covers they do and the African feel they incorporate in their covers.

Th groove music band has a number of great musicians signed to it, some of which are ,

George Makae(bass), Moses Laryeah(bass), Yine Win(drums), Alex Dade(keyboards), Frank(keyboards), Gotleib Dogbey(guitar), Daniel Adu(percussion) , Talata (vocal), Nana Barima(drums).

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