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Whenever people love, its weird, it varies from human to human. sometimes you love who loves you back, sometimes you love who doesn’t, and sometimes, you just have to go where love is. love goes where love is. Loving someone who doesn’t reciprocate the feeling is the deadliest emotional killer of our time. It pierces deep down the heart like a two edged dagger. Its just like a owning a car.

There are millions of car owners and different ways each and every one of them maintain their car. Some wash it every morning, take it to the auto garage every weekend for a total checkup, some spray it every month, because they want it to look damn good and new . But for some, no check up every morning, no nothing. They wait for it to breakdown, before they take it to the auto garage. In the same sense every boy loves differently, but one thing they have in common is effort.

The effort they make when they love a girl. Sending random text messages, calling her randomly just to say how much you love them. Doing your favorite activities together. It could be cooking, cycling, soccer,going on tours, just let them in. Let them know this is you and this is what you love. Then there’s the respect factor. Its very necessary in a relationship. There’s nothing like I’m older, you got to give me all the respect. No.

Respect is equal. Respect him. Respect her. I always tell myself self love is everything. When you have self love, you just can’t take some things. It just wont sink deep in because you love yourself and you know you’re way better than that. You deserve better. You got to walk away. Stop making excuses for people who clearly are not ready to accept change. You cant change anyone. Change is a self made decision.People love for the wrong reasons. Others love for the right reasons. Its rare to find someone who loves you genuinely. Someone who loves to see your face when you wake up in the morning. Someone who sees your flaws but still wants to be with you. Someone who wants to listen to your jokes even though its not funny.

Someone who knows your strength and weaknesses and strives harder for you to be better. Knowing their past and still wanting to be there forever. Someone, you’re not afraid to show your scars and wounds. Somebody who you could talk to and miss no words. Just that one person, you can’t go a day without talking to. Being in a relationship can be suffocating. It takes consistency and loyalty and the strength of the Lord, to get through it. And dating for the wrong reasons will never feel right. Dating for the right reasons feels so right. Don’t do it because they are watching. Do it because you want it.

Whether they’re looking or not, you still treat him like a Prince or treat her like the princess she is. When you are doing it for the right reasons,You feel at peace with your inner self. There are no hidden skeletons in the closet and your spirits are linked. Although you are two different people with different perceptions, you start to think alike. And even when you don’t agree, you still agree to disagree. Rumors come and go.

There won’t be no you and him or you and her if rumors didn’t exist. People talk. People assume, but remember people will always be people. Know that, to every rumor, there is an iota of truth, but communication is key. Communication gets though every situation. Tell him how you feel, tell her how you feel. Don’t keep things inside. Its hazardous to your health. Love is not fake. If you tell out of love, just walk away.

Don’t pretend. Nothing hurts more than finding out the one you love the most, has been faking all the time. Just walk away. Love is a two way thing. Give and you take. Make an effort. Don’t leave it to her. Don’t leave it to him. With love, there is no gender roles. You could pay for that date. She could pay. What’s wrong with that? There’s no superiority with love. Sharing roles make it a whole different something. Above all, love, don’t forget to love. If its her it’s her, if its him its him. Love is beautiful. Don’t make it complicated.

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