DEATH A Poem Written By Ewurama ( @EiiiRama )

The worst kind of death – the death of the mind.
Occurs when you subconsciously lock yourself in the depths of your brain.
You intentionally open a door that locks immediately you enter.
You feel disgusting and nasty.
You want to make it go away.
The worst kind of death – the death of the mind.
You want to forget.
You are looking for solitude.
You want a place where you won’t feel guilty anymore.
You want to tell someone.
You want to feel relieved.
But who can you go to without feeling judged?
So you keep it in your mind.
You spend hours upon hours talking to yourself wondering.
Trying to justify yourself.
Trying to be ok.
But what you don’t know is that locking yourself in your mind is rather killing you.
Eating away at your sanity.
Little by little until there’s nothing left to eat away at.
Then you are left with what you think will be able to take you through life.
But at that point, you realize it’s not good enough.
And until you talk to someone or look for help,
You almost always end up with a suicide note and a rope hanging from a tree.


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