She brought her would-be husband home only to realize he is my ex – Mother cries out 

It always remains the dream for a mother to see her daughter grow to not just become a successful woman in life but also a mother just like herself through the consummation of marriage. 


In Ghana for instance, Marriage remains the backbone of every culture as it is seen as that very union which births the existence of a new family. But what happens when the very mother who birthed the woman she wishes to have a lovely marriage ends up regretting the choice her daughter made for a husband? This is the story of 45 year-old Felicia from Takoradi who has written to YEN about how her daughter ended up marrying the very man she once dated and had kids with.

It all happened when she, Felicia, requested to see the would be husband of her daughter so they get to know each other. “You know, in our tradition, there is the need for the man to visit the family of his would-be wife just so they get to know each other. And that was how I got to know that my daughter was dating my former boyfriend,” she recounted.

According to Felicia, all efforts to get her daughter forget about this man has proven futile as all she wants to do is to tie the knot with him. “She tells me they have been dating for the past 4 years and that there is no way she can break up with him. If I knew he was the one, I could have acted fast but I was in the village,” Felicia lamented.

But why did Felicia end the relationship with her boyfriend after they had had kids together? Well, according to her, the man traveled and lost touch hence the need for her to move on with her life.

“My daughter loves her step sisters so much and I just can’t sit and watch her marry someone who passes for her father,” She revealed in pain.

What advice can you give to Felicia, share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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