Attention By Ewuram ( @EiiiRama )


What the fuck is attention?

People worship it.

People crave it.

People betray for it.

People kill for it.

Why? Is there a reason for attention?

Maybe it gives people power.

Or some form of importance.

Maybe even confidence?

It will never really be known.

Others,like me,would try and figure out how it came about but never really find the answer.

We will use hours at a time.


Eventually we would give up.

And somehow end up wondering how it would be like to be the center of attention.

Afterwards we’d feel guilty.

But then realize that everybody tends to wonder about attention.

No matter who you are,whether you want it or not,at some point in your life you’d crave it.

It only depends on what you do with it.

So then, what is attention?


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