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Let me begin with this simple analogy, ” I see one I admire so much from a distance, and then it becomes a great desire of mine to get attention from that particular one, to also like me, so that we do things together. It then becomes a task to take up to gain that attention, doing or saying whatever to gain that crowd, that attention. My quest to undertake!” How interesting!!
I have come to realize that, people can do all, anything just to get attention, even to the extent of going beneath all dignity and integrity, but then it never stays, that sought attention if it is ever gotten at all. And unless people understand that, the only attention you will ever need is from “YOU”, people will always continue to stumble over the very blocks of attention seeking stunts they plant, which never ends well.
The simple solution I have to this “social canker” is to “BE YOU”, and other people will appreciate the “YOU” for who you are, and even if you may not gain the attention from the “needed” group or person, relax! Who cares?! , But then that sought attention might be noticed if not revealed to you, because “YOU” is real,it is not fake, it has come to stay and because it is “YOU”, you never get tired of being “YOU”, and when the attention with the crowd comes, you know how to handle it, the attention becomes more unsolicited than sought, why? Because all you ever needed, all you ever wanted, the attention, the applause, the crowd is “YOU”.
You are who you need to carry on, the crowd has and will always be temporal, they see the outward show, not the inner drama, yet “YOU” sees it all, from preparation, beginning to end. “YOU” is always there, “YOU” is permanent! The attention never stays, and if I were you, I would enjoy the peace, quiet and serenity of being myself.
So hey there! Attention seeking stunts are costly, and I pray you don’t have to pay a dear price to realize that, thus the reason why I highlight the significance of ” YOU”. Be who you are, discover more of yourself and dwell in that realization to do more exploits, for it is in this awareness you can function effectively.
Well, I would end here with this, “You are good, and nobody can do better than you do ‘YOU’ because it is the best you can ever be”. So, if for a second, you ever doubt yourself, know that, “YOU” are all you need to run this are and nobody can take that away from you, unless you let them.
Believe in YOU!!!


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