Anita Nartey ( @Anitaaaa_n ) Writes Dealing with Rejection

You see, there comes a time in our lives where we get rejected, It could be a coveted job interview where things went wrong, a crush, anything or anyone can reject you, because they may not share the same opinion as you do. Of course, the feeling sucks, even more when you have to act all brave and fine like it doesn’t affect you even though you know it does.
Rejection is that feeling where you close one door, expecting the other to open at your touch, but gets slammed in your face!  That is sickening, because you seem lost and confused, but that should be for but a moment, because if there’s anything you need to learn from life, it is that, it always moves on, and you dear would have to catch up before it leaves you behind! And the earlier you do it, the better it is for you.

How do you put everything behind you and put that gaiety in that walk of yours and move up with confidence?
Well, I have got something small for you, some ways I use to overcome the aftermath of rejection. It might come in handy for you.

1. Look at the bigger picture, you can’t have ‘yes’ all the time, and especially on a silver platter. If you do, then what you want is not very worthy, who knows, a “no” can make you look again, and this time, you might find gold. Never give up!
2. There is time for everything, The Holy Bible makes me aware of that, so no stress, if I did put in my all and I still get a “no” it could be that, it is just not my time. This is where persistence and determination comes to play, and how far you can see determines the territory for your taking.
3. It could be that, you are fighting for what is not yours, check yourself! If it is really for you, go for it with renewed energy.
4. Stay around those who make you happy, who make you concentrate on your vision, those who give you more reason to pursue that which is yours, than those who always tell you to give it up.
5. Reanalyze your strategy, check your battle plan. Afford no mistakes, learn from before and make sure not to repeat those errors.
6. Have the aura of positive energy around you. Release every negative-energy in whichever way possible, I personally do mine by either crying, writing or even praying. Others like to scream it out, just find a way to channel out that negative energy in a safe way, such that it is a win- win for all.
7. Spend time alone to reflect a lot, listen to good music, eat healthy and drink lots of water. It helps your mood and body.
8. Know who you are and be happy. Happiness is really overrated, make yourself happy, no one can do that; a secret though is putting smiles on the faces of others, that is one key to true happiness.

Well, these are some ways you can deal with rejection. Sulk for a moment, but then let that sulkiness go! Never dwell too much on a disappointment. It never helps. However, with the above ways to deal with rejection, I hope someone can rise up, and continue in the quest. Keep winning!!

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