The Airbucks App (@airbucksapp) Partners Di’Jaymatic’s (@DiJaymatic) Monarchy Mixtape Series


After barely two episodes in the Monarchy mixtape series, TheRave
Di’Jaymatic and the Airbucks app have officially joined forces, making The Airbucksapp a official partner of the mixtape series.
Airbucks app is an app through which anyone can be rewarded with
free Airtime in exchange for their input on surveys , watching short videos or downloading apps hosted on the platform.

Currently in Ghana, the Airbucksapp has been rewarding its users with free
airtime when they use their app. They the gave viewers/ listeners of the
first episode of the monarchy mixtape series free airtime, as they
listened to a mini version of the mixtape on the app. Airbucksapp and Dijaymatic work together to provide not only entertainment to people but also free credits.

This happens to be the second sponsor of the mixtape series after already being sponsored by Malogo Clothing,

Currently, on the third episode, and it features Deon Boakye which  would be released on this platform soon.

The Monarchy Mixtape is an initiative by TheRave Di’Jaymatic to give ears to new sounds from buzzing new talents who are making waves from the cradles of the underground, and are set to take over the music industry from the current breed of stars.

To also support this course (in sponsorship or partnership), kindly send an email to or visit to learn more

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